Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Cady

Meet Bob Cady, one of West Slope Library’s amazing volunteers who give of their time and energy without asking for anything in return.

Bob CadyBob began his career as an Officer in the Navy and then moved into human resources, working for a number of major corporations. In his working life and his personal life, Bob has always lived by the rule imparted to him by his own father: “Finish what you start.” Although he has moved around a lot, he has managed to create a sense of community and belonging for himself, his family, and his neighbors in each city because of his kindness and warmth.

Bob considers himself a family man. He and his wife Jean raised two Eagle Scouts (quite an accomplishment when your family must frequently move from city to city!) who have grown into lifelong learners themselves. He stays connected with his family, helping his two sons with their businesses and caring for his grandchildren, who are the center of his life.

Even after retiring, Bob maintains a busy life, spending time with his grandchildren and keeping up on all his hobbies, like woodworking, skiing, biking, radio controlled models, and HAM radio operation. And, of course, he makes time to volunteer!

Bob helps check in and shelve materials, and he also works as a library tech volunteer, helping people learn how to use their digital devices and download ebooks. He loves gadgets and he loves working alongside people following his personal rule to see the task through to completion. The people who learn from him love his warmth and sympathetic approach. When asked why he chose to volunteer at the library, Bob says it’s his way to return the favor for all the benefits his kids and grandkids have received from the library.

The library is so fortunate to have volunteers like Bob who are willing to share their talents and their energy with others. This spirit of volunteerism is what makes the library such a welcoming place of opportunity for everyone in the community.

Interested in volunteering? Let us know!