Tedde McMillen: Tea Expert and Library Lover

Tedde McMillenMeet Tedde McMillen, lover of tea, successful entrepreneur, and a lifelong library patron. As a college student majoring in Music she spent many hours studying at Multnomah County Library’s Music Library downtown. After college she worked at Metro and moved to the Sylvan area in 1983.

In the early 90’s Tedde once again found herself spending hours in the library as she researched the start-up business she and her daughter would establish in 1994: Oregon Chai. In 1998 she traveled to India to learn more about the tea growing and harvesting process and worked to establish fair trade relationships at every step of production. Oregon Chai sold in 2004 for 75 million dollars. McMillen detailed this journey in her book Million Dollar Cup of Tea.

MIllion Dollar Cup of Tea by Tedde McMillenTedde joined West Slope Library’s book group about 10 years ago and has been a loyal patron ever since. Even after having moved to California for a couple years she has returned to West Slope and is once again part of the book group. Tedde volunteers at the Hoyt Arboretum, giving walking tours, and is a member of a group that knits outerwear for charity. She loves her volunteer work and reading mysteries and literature.

For an opportunity to meet Tedde, join us for a tea tasting and her presentation “The Lore of Tea” at 6:00pm on Wednesday, January 21.