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Oregon Library Passport Program

The Oregon Library Passport Program has launched, and now WCCLS library cardholders can apply for cards at libraries across the state that participate in the program. The Passport Program is designed to expand library services for Oregon residents, letting them get library cards in those places where they live, work, shop, and play.

Oregon Library Passport ProgramHere’s the basic premise: if your home library participates in the Passport Program, you can apply for a card at any other library that participates in the program. So if you have a WCCLS card, you can now visit libraries in places such as Astoria, Coos Bay, and Pendleton, and apply for a card. You can check the list of participants to see which libraries currently participate in the program. Cardholders at those participating libraries can also apply for a WCCLS library card. Each participating library sets its own procedures for applying for a card, so it is a good idea to contact any participating library you are interested in before visiting.

If you have questions regarding the program or about getting a WCCLS library card, please contact us.