Library Booklists

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West Slope Library Book List Archive:


July 2015
DIY summer food: growing, canning, grilling, and freezing.

June 2015
Books with LGBTQ authors, characters, and themes for Pride Month.

May 2015
Multicultural fiction and graphic novels.

April 2015
National Poetry Month.

January 2015
Mysteries: hard-boiled, cozy, and historical.

December 2014
Holiday cooking, crafts, history, customs, and children’s books.

November 2014
Classic, new, and award-winning titles for National Picture Book Month.

October 2014
Halloween history, culture, and stories.

September 2014
Regional hikes and nature guides.

August 2014
Family cookbooks and fun science!

July 2014
Our modern digital age: the Internet, privacy, security, and democracy.

June 2014
Audiobooks for the summer traveler.

May 2014
Sports books: horse racing, basketball, hockey, tennis, spelling bees, IndyCar, and baseball.

Winter 2013-14
Dystopian scifi, the economics of trash, the memoir that inspired Downton Abbey, a tribute to Matthew Shepard, and a biography of the Bible.

Summer 2013
Time travel, meditation and creativity, Scandinavian mystery, the plants behind cocktails, cosplay, and surreal short fiction.

Spring 2013
YA mysteries, non-fiction graphic novels, and correspondence between Albert Einstein and children.

February 2013
YA thrillers, photos of Georgia O’Keefe’s homes, an atheist finds common ground with the religious, Madeleine Albright’s childhood memoir, and book group selections.

January 2013
Fiction set in 1904 Korea, an exploration of Victorian homes, dog tricks, epic graphic novel sci-fi, and book group selections.

December 2012
Amigurumi, manga, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and book group selections.

November 2012
Mindfulness, surreal graphic art stories, apocalyptic vampire thriller, and book group selections.

October 2012
400-calorie meals, paper craft projects, easy Japanese cooking, a thriller set in Florence, southeast Asian recipes, and book group selections.

August 2012
A literary thriller set in the South, a mother’s memoir about autism, kitchen gardens, “The Berry Bible,” and book group selections.

July 2012
Essays about family, “creative visualization,” growing sustainable flowers, crocheting monsters, Austen fan-fiction, classic “Krazy Kat” comics, and book group selections.

May 2012
WWI historical fiction set in Appalachia, a YA monster thriller, the geological history of Oregon, growing herbs, the tweets of Steve Martin, a biography of winter, and book group selections.

February 2012
The evolution of feathers, the downfall of the Nazis, YA sci-fi set in Zimbabwe, a mystery sequel to Pride & Prejudice, a biography of Rin Tin Tin, fringe science, and book group selections.

November 2011
Cocaine, a memoir about homelessness, Edgar Rice Burroughs, a retold Christmas fable, “no-knead” breads, meditation, atomic science, modern westerns, and book group selections.

October 2011
Classics, book arts, feminism, thrillers, vegetarian cooking, sports science, and book group selections.

August-September 2011
Explorations of the history of Latin America, urban farming, and living with clutter. Plus our book group selections.

July-August 2011
A librarian memoir, manga, graphic novels, homemade soda recipes, and book group selections.

Summer Reading 2011
Travel memoirs, non-fiction graphic novels, classic mysteries, and book group selections.

Fall 2010
New and classic Halloween titles, and political fiction and non-fiction.

Summer 2010
“Travel” book: local outings, road trips, traveling abroad, trips through outer space, and time travel.

May 2010
Gardening books.

April 2010
Sci-fi, springtime, and bestseller fiction.

January 2010
Motivational books for the New Year.

December 2009
Holiday books for children and adults.

November 2009
Comfort food cookbooks and a selection of novels and biographies for reading by the fire.

October 2009
Spooky Halloween-themed selections for children and adults.

September 2009