West Slope Library gladly accepts donations of books, CDs, DVDs, and other materials. Because of limited space, donations must meet certain criteria and we can only accept a maximum of 1-2 boxes at a time per household.

If you are unsure if your donations meet the criteria below, feel free to visit the library and Friends of the Library book sale to see for yourself what kinds of materials are added to the collection or sold.

What the library can accept What the library cannot accept
Items in new, like new, or good condition Items in poor condition
(dusty, moldy, smelly, torn, etc.)
(fiction & non-fiction, board books & picture books, paperbacks & hardcover)
Magazines, textbooks, manuals,
or condensed books
DVDs & Blu-rays Videocassettes
Music CDs Music cassettes, 8-tracks, or vinyl records
Unabridged books on CD or books on tape Abridged books on CD or books on tape
Encyclopedias (complete, less than 15 years old) Old, incomplete encyclopedias or yearbooks
Board games, puzzles, and videogames (Wii, Playstation, Xbox, and PC releases less than 10 years old) Soft toys, stuffed animals, etc.
Tablets & e-readers in good working condition Software, computers, appliances, or other electronics

Upon receipt, staff assesses each donation and determines whether to add it to the library’s collection. Donations that are not added to the collection are then appraised by volunteers and sold through the Friends of the Library’s year-round book sale, which raises thousands of dollars every year for the library.

When you bring in your donations, you can ask us for a receipt so that you can report your donation on your tax return.

If you have questions regarding monetary or special donations, please call us at 503-292-6416.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of our donors.

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